[Netsurf-develop] disappears from desktop & icon bar

John Cartmell john at cartmell.demon.co.uk
Wed Oct 26 16:15:18 BST 2005

In article <9b3cf1bf4d.david at tenmagpies.demon.co.uk>,
   David W Mills <david at tenmagpies.demon.co.uk> wrote:

>  Using Iyonix 512 early model, OS 5.10 NetSurf 06 Oct 2005

> was asked yesterday for info about The language of Flowers.

> did a Google search and clicked the first result

> www.pioneerthinking.com/flowerlanguage.html

> This blew NetSurf away completely.....

Perhaps you didn't use enough Hyssop or you were Forsythia yellow or striped
Carnation. Don't accept Cyclamen - your Dandelion if you only try again.

Works here OK with netsurf 6 Oct - but that info doesn't appear to be
translatable into flower language! ;-)


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