[Netsurf-develop] [RISCOS.be] Little error in NetSurf

Frank Vandekerkhove frank.vdk at belgacom.net
Mon Oct 17 20:33:25 BST 2005


NetSurf, testbuild dd. 09-Dec-2004 A9home
NetSurf, testbuild dd. 23-Sep-2005
Netsurf, testbuild dd. 06-Oct-2005

All latest versions of NetSurf do not run on the A9home.
If I understand it in the right way, it should be a know problem.

But I send this e-mail to tell you that all versions have the 
same problem to align a image after a header.
To demonstrate this, look at the "test" in the attachment.
Inside the html code
- first 4 lines: align problem
- next 4 line of code = same code but between the </h2> and 
  the image the problem is solved by putting a dummy text

I just teested it also with
- !Fresco 1.72 and
- !Oregano 2.2.18 demo

Kindest regards


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