[Netsurf-develop] Odd table problem

James Bursa james at semichrome.net
Mon Oct 17 09:44:44 BST 2005

> I've got a table on my website that Netsurf's having trouble displaying.
> The URL's www.mfraz.freeserve.co.uk/gallery/1998.html , there should be 3
> images in the top table after 'Holiday in Greece', but only 2 are
> displayed.
> The snippet of code I'm on about is:
> <table align="center" border="0" cellpadding="8" cellspacing="0">
> <tr>
> <td align="left"><a href="1998/greece1.jpg" title="Greece">
> <img src="1998T/greece1.jpg" width="146" height="100" alt="Greece"
> border="0" /></a></td>
> <td align="center"><a href="1998/greece2.jpg" title="Greece">
> <img src="1998T/greece2.jpg" width="96" height="100" alt="Greece"
> border="0" /></a></td>
> <td align="right"><a href="1998/greece3.jpg" title="Greece">
> <img src="1998T/greece3.jpg" width="150" height="100" alt="Greece"
> border="0" /></a></td>
> </tr>
> </table>
> If I change the width of the last image from 150 to another value, the
> image displays. What's going on?

This is due to advert blocking. The last image happens to be a common size
for adverts. Unfortunately the blocking occasionally gets it wrong.

If you're interested, the rules that NetSurf uses are in
!NetSurf.Resources.AdBlock as CSS.


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