[Netsurf-develop] incorrect display of long file

James Bursa james at semichrome.net
Sun Nov 20 18:10:34 GMT 2005

In message <25182a04d%old_coaster at yahoo.co.uk>
          Tony Moore <old_coaster at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> http://cityark.medway.gov.uk/query/results/?Mode=Search&PathList=%2FUn
> official_or_Privately_Originated_Collections_1357_1980%2FDE0402_Couchm
> an_ephemera_and_MSS_%2F%0A&SearchWords=&DateList=&Boolean=AND&Results=
> 50
> leads to a 1.51MB file which NetSurf does not display correctly.
> The first ~15% of the file is ok, but the remaining ~85% is
> displayed as white space. Click-dragging in the white space
> highlights the text which, otherwise, cannot be seen.

This should now be fixed. The problem was caused by SpecialFX. NetSurf 
now disables SpecialFX for itself.


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