[Netsurf-develop] Form problem with umlauts?

Stefan Bellon sbellon at sbellon.de
Wed May 18 22:16:33 BST 2005

I set up an online form where users can request licenses for our
software at work. It's at

I think it works pretty well with NetSurf. However I noticed one minor
problem where I'm not sure whether it's a problem of NetSurf, a problem
of the page design or a problem with our Apache configuration:

Enter some text in the input fields, with an umlaut somwhere in the
middle, but leave a required field empty. Then press "Generate Request
Form". The form should get displayed again with the text "One or more
fields are empty!" displayed in red. However, in NetSurf, the form
stops displaying at the place where the first umlaut should get
displayed in the form.

Even if you don't put any umlaut in the input fields and just leave one
required field empty and select "Commercial Evaluation" as license
type, pressing "Generate Request Form" results in the license type
field only displaying "Commercial" instead of "Commercial Evaluation"
afterwards. Selecting "Academic License" however works.

All of the above works correctly when using Galeon and Mozilla Firefox.
Any ideas of what might be the problem?

Stefan Bellon

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