[Netsurf-develop] History windows

Jeremy C B Nicoll Jeremy at omba.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 21 14:48:20 GMT 2005

In article
<Pine.LNX.4.44.0503210022340.8951-100000 at tarrant.ecs.soton.ac.uk>,
   John-Mark Bell <jmb202 at ecs.soton.ac.uk> wrote:

>  On Sun, 20 Mar 2005, Sendu Bala wrote:

> > Currently it seems to have the odd (surely a bug) behaviour of
> > opening a new blank white window that just says 'Opening page...'
> > at the bottom until it times out.

> Details please, I can't reproduce this.

Might that happen if the user was now offline?


> And I'm sure you'll see that having a graphical global history would
> be completely unmanageable - your history window would fill the
> screen and _still_ not contain the one page you were looking for.

It mightn't be so bad if the tree structure was abandoned leaving
something much like the present list, but instead of just showing a
generic html page icon, it showed a thumbnail.

Having said that, I've always been a little unsure how useful these
thumbnails really are.  I admire the work that must have gone into
producing them and the tree-structure diagram, but if you've visited a
series of similar webpages, they're indistinguishable in the thumbnails
anyway, and I find myself then relying on the pop-up display of the
URL.  I also think the tree diagram gets a bit unmanageable if you've
visited lots of pages.

Ages ago I suggested that it would be useful to have an option (perhaps
accessed by pressing Menu in the local history display) of just listing
the history entries line-by-line in alphabetical page title or URL
order.  Maybe the graphics could still be present, but I'm less
bothered by that.  And, what happens (now?) if the URL for a page is
too long to display on the screen - does the pop-up get wrapped onto a
second line?

Jeremy C B Nicoll - my opinions are my own.

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