FW: [Netsurf-develop] Netsurf still crashes on Drobe :-(

fritspolak fritspolak at hetnet.nl
Thu Mar 17 13:18:39 GMT 2005

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          "fritspolak" <fritspolak at hetnet.nl> wrote:
>> And why can this scaling not be set from the iconbar menu?
> The display settings (such as scale, buffered rending options, etc) are
> configured for a particular window and can then be saved as default
> settings with the "Display > Set as default" menu option.
> See: http://netsurf.sourceforge.net/guide#BrowserWindowMenuDisplay

Yes, I do remember now. 

> If you just want text to be larger, I would suggest that you increase the
> minimum and default font size rather than setting a default scale of
> something other than 100%.  The scale feature affects images too, having
> it permanently set at 120% can cause images to look untidy.

Increasing the font sizes has no effect on the Drobe site, probably because of the CSS setting taking precedence. The general font setting on Drobe is a bit too smal for my monitor settings. That's why I increased the scaling in the past (and forgot about it later on...)

> Im not yet sure exactly why your old settings caused a crash.  
> However, thanks for your report.

If I increase the scaling (e.g. from 100 to 120) on a single page on Drobe, all is OK, no crash. The problem arises when a non 100% setting becomes the default in Choices (I tried 110% which also gave a crash). I observed that when Netsurf has loaded all the items from the Drobe site, its window is redrawn/refreshed and that is the exact moment that the crash occurs. But with a scaling setting of 100% this redraw does not result in a crash.

> Cheers,
> Micael Drake


Frits Polak
The Netherlands

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