[Netsurf-develop] Font info request

Jan-Jaap van der Geer janjaap at dsv.nl
Sun Mar 6 14:59:32 GMT 2005

Jeremy C B Nicoll <Jeremy at omba.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> In article <f0155d474d.Jan-Jaap at iyonix.c2i.net>,
>    Jan-Jaap van der Geer <janjaap at dsv.nl> wrote:

> > Indeed. What about a copy of !Scrap that is called !Cache (or
> > something like that), creating Wimp$CacheDir, which is the same
> > as Wimp$ScrapDir, just for more permanent (but non-critical)
> > information?

> This is what I meant when I suggested (in the 'Long loading time'
> thread):

>    If you expect the data to be shared by other apps then I guess
>    you'll need to house it in a pseudo app and ask users to install
>    that too, in the location of their choice.

> It's like - say - the !Manuals app that holds StrongHelp manuals
> in one place.

It's not (neccessarily) quite the same. With this !Cache (probably
that name is taken, but lets call it that for lack of a better
name) you'd refer to your cached data via
<Wimp$CacheDir>.NetSurf.*. That way, just like !Scrap, it can house
cached data for different applications.

You might even do a:

If "<Wimp$CacheDir>" = "" Then Set Wimp$CacheDir <Wimp$ScrapDir>

but I suppose you will have to be very careful with that one.


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