[Netsurf-develop] Font info request

John Cartmell john at cartmell.demon.co.uk
Sat Mar 5 00:31:38 GMT 2005

On 05 Mar, John-Mark Bell <jmb202 at ecs.soton.ac.uk> wrote:

>  On Thu, 3 Mar 2005, John Cartmell wrote:

> > Something fundamental has changed and it doesn't work - and it would
> > not be acceptable in a final product. It's in development now and
> > it's important to sort out the problem soon after it is found.

> Clearly, although I've now explained far too many times the exact nature
> of the problem - corrupt font data files installed on your system. _If_
> all the fonts you have installed (and this includes all faces of each
> font) work in !Draw, then I want to know about it as that _is_ a bug.

AFAIK I have no corrupt fonts installed. I can't afford to have such
things. Checking all of them is another matter though that is now on my
list of priorities.

> > Apart from this recent problem it has been stable enough for anyone to
> > use it as the browser of initial choice 

> So one single problem changes this, then. As with any application in
> development, you use new versions at your own risk (and most people
> would keep a backup of their previous version).

As druck has said, if a new user finds that the application won't even load
then that single problem makes a big difference. From what I have heard
people are using Netsurf as their browser of choice - even though you only
see it as 'under development'. You've given yourself a lot to live up to!

> > and I wish they would put an older 'there have been no real complaints
> > about this version' on the web-site for the more timid to test. 

> Except this causes yet more issues for the developers where bugs are
> reported that were long since fixed. We already see this. Additionally,
> the number of new builds is so many that defining whether a given
> version is stable or not is nigh on impossible. As for adding code
> freezes for making a stable release, that's hardly helpful as you spend
> more time in freeze than actually doing development. I hope you can see
> that, given the large amount of work remaining to be done, this is
> wholly infeasible. 

I accept that; I also know that it is hard to see your own product as
others see it. I won't repeat druck's comments as I thought he explained
the problem well but just because the two of us ask for it is no reason for
us being right - only you can make the appropriate decision for what is
right for the development of Netsurf.
Many thanks for the explanation.

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