[Netsurf-develop] Add a 'Rescan fonts' button, or make the cache lockable/limited

Stuart Halliday stuart at cybervillage.co.uk
Fri Mar 4 20:02:12 GMT 2005

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          Simon Smith <simon_smith at zen.co.uk> wrote:

> While I don't have any problems with my own current modest set of fonts -
> about 20 families, 

20 families and so how many fonts in total?
bold, italics, bold-italics, standard? So that's at least 80 fonts.

> it seems plain that having Netsurf scan and rescan at
> each startup is not ideal. First time for me, it took about 10-20 seconds
> to do its scanning. Now that Netsurf has its cache file in place it only
> takes about 3 seconds, but that's still noticeably slower than it was
> before.

RISC OS has always had 'trouble' handling lots of fonts since Impression
and the like were introduced.

Which is why Easy Font Pro and others such apps were invented.

I only have about 20 fonts out of about 300 permanently active for general

If I need to use more I use Easy Font Pro to easily activate them.

My SA RiscPC only takes 3 secs to load Netsurf. The red hourglass is only
active for about 1 sec.

Stuart Halliday
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