[Netsurf-develop] Font info request

Bryn Evans netsurf at bryork.freeuk.com
Wed Mar 2 19:23:23 GMT 2005

In a mad moment - James Bursa <james at semichrome.net> mumbled :

> In message <4028f7444d.Bryn at Yo.rk>
>           Bryn Evans <netsurf at bryork.freeuk.com> wrote:
> > Previously any un-decoded characters came up as a very
> > distracting '?'
> > 
> > Following the introduction of the new Font handling
> > and using Homerton as the default font they now appear
> > as very minute '00nn' in the range 0091, 0092, 0095 and 0096.
> > 
> > This is something I can live with quite happily. I was just
> > wondering if some kind soul can point me to a (readily available)
> > Font which will fill in these missing characters. I believe
> > that they are paired single and double (sexed) quote marks.
> This issue is not caused by a lack of fonts. It occurs when a page uses
> the Windows-1252 character encoding, but claims to be using some other
> encoding or does not specify one. Pages which state Windows-1252 in the
> HTTP header or a <meta> will display these quote marks correctly.

Clear and concise explanation - Thank you.   (K) 

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