[Netsurf-develop] rufl_test

Stuart Halliday stuart at cybervillage.co.uk
Tue Mar 1 15:15:22 GMT 2005

In message <1e3f40444d.gbrmknop at hccnet.nl>
          G Knops <gbrm.knops at hccnet.nl> wrote:

> As I think this is the same that happened to me and many others
> I hereby show the link to the solution:
> http://www.strcprstskrzkrk.co.uk/rufl_chars.zip
> download the archive, run the test and you'll see that you have
> one or more corrupt fonts. remove / delete them, restart your comp,
> and NS is running again. 

Can you tell us what we're suppose to do with this archive?

There is no documentation in it.

rufl_test seems to produce lots of output in a tiny window which is
impossible to read until the last few lines.

I fear a great many users here will not know how to redirect its output to
a file. Or what to read into its output.


rufl_test { > textoutput }
setype textoutput text

Stuart Halliday

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