[Netsurf-develop] 3 columns layout

Sendu Bala sendu at sendu.me.uk
Sun Jul 24 10:25:53 BST 2005

On 24 Jul, pv wrote:

> In article <b2ad618f4d%fa044826 at skynet.be>,
>    fa044826 <fa044826 at skynet.be> wrote:
>> the build from 24 Jul, 06:15 seems still to have some problems with 3
>> columns layout ( http://www.dvdanime.net/ ). The layout of the articles
>> from that site however are a big improvement from the old May stable
>> version I keep as a backup. :-)
> Not sure if it's related or not,


> but NetSurf seems to have problems with
> the table at http://cropcircleconnector.com/2005/july2005a.html - there are
> two colums of data, which Netsurf displays correctly in terms of the actual
> text, but the images themselves are all displaced over to the right, so it
> looks like NetSurf has introduced an extra (third) column.
> The odd thing is that it seems to sort itself out further down towards the
> bottom of the table.

The page consists of a separate table for each visual 'row' 
(combination of picture, description and updated line). The last table 
simply doesn't have the same invalid code as the others - namely 
having <i> and </i> in <tr> for the picture row but not within any 
<td>. That page really is tag soup! Why on earth are there even italic 
and bold tags for content consisting entirely of graphics?

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