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John Tytgat John.Tytgat at aaug.net
Tue Jan 4 22:47:36 GMT 2005

In message <68792d284d.stuart at Cybervillage.co.uk> you wrote:

> Here I'll make it easy for you. :-)
> See below.
> > > A modern App provides the dependencies inside its App as well so that if
> > > the dependencies are not in the global resources then the App just works

Again this is bad.  E.g. the toolbox modules.  Suppose they were not
living inside !System nor in ROM.  Application 1 has its own out-dated
copy and you run it.  Those out-date modules are loaded and get used.
Fine, application 1 works because the author used those modules to test
his application.

Application 2 has also a copy of those modules but more recent and really
need those more recent versions for whatever reason.  Because a Toolbox
based application is currently using the Toolbox modules, application 2
can not even RMLoad the newer required versions and can not start.

You can replace Toolbox modules in this example with every common module
having some kind of state/session preventing RMLoading a newer version
while it is in use by another party.  Even the SharedCLibrary today has
this problem.

Is this really what we want ?

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