[Netsurf-develop] Disc cache

Richard Wilson info at tinct.net
Sat Dec 31 12:40:17 GMT 2005

Brian Howlett <brian.groups at brianhowlett.me.uk> wrote:
> According to http://netsurf.sourceforge.net/progress "Disc Cache - Not
> started".
> Presumably this is no longer the case - I've got WWW.Netsurf.Cache in
> !Scrap which consists of 3,137 files, totalling 88,731,380 bytes - not
> in itself a problem as I have plenty of HDD space, but does it expire,
> or will there eventually become a need to delete files manually?

 This information is not currently used as a disc cache as such, but given 
time it will. Basically, this information is currently used for:

1) Virtual memory when NetSurf thinks it's using too much memory
2) Saving thumbnail information across sessions.

 The information here is never deleted as such, and the files are simply 
re-used to avoid the overhead of deleting them. There will be an interface 
for maintaining all this information soon (the configuration system is 
currently being rewritten.)


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