[Netsurf-develop] Is there an answer to this - update

Gordon F McLaren info at wardlaw.demon.co.uk
Thu Dec 29 15:12:40 GMT 2005

Thanks to all who replied and suggested various things to try
regarding the slow loading time on this machine (RO4.39S).

Having got Xmas over, I've done a some more tests including checking
the number of fonts loaded, size of hotlist, history and Rufl.

Whilst this machine has more fonts, 39 compared with and avg of 30
on the other machines, a bigger Rufl file 166669 -v- 105861 to 134054,
a larger History file 10878 -v- 173 to 738 and ditto the Hotlist file
6498 -v- 1221 to 4140 I can't /see/ anything else that's much different

I've tried blitzing all the extra fonts right back to the ROM fonts
only, and renamed Rufl, History and Hotlist and done a reboot but
the startup loading time remained at 29 seconds or so!

So today I've deleted all things Netsurf and reinstalled it again from

Now the loading time is down to 17 seconds but still nowhere near the
average 5 seconds on the other four machine!

So I'm at a loss now ;-(

The only thing of note that I didn't report to start with is that the
HDD light is constantly on, i.e. no flicker, for most of the loading
time and the NS hourglass only appears for the last couple of seconds
or so. 

Gordon McLaren
Wardlaw Surveys - Acorn Centre of Technology, Iiyama Dealer
                - Authorised Installer for RISC OS 4
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