[Netsurf-develop] Is there an answer to this?

Gary Locock gary at locock.co.uk
Fri Dec 23 21:43:37 GMT 2005

In article <4dddefc4d0lists-nospam at vigay.com>,
   Paul Vigay <lists-nospam at vigay.com> wrote:

>  In article <4dddec080fgary at locock.co.uk>,
>    Gary Locock <gary at locock.co.uk> wrote:

> > Intermittently NS takes a long time to load here, too, about half a
> > minute. It seems to be related to whether Oregano2 has also been run,
> > (i.e. less likely to happen if O2 already loaded), but I haven't really
> > been able to work out the connection, if any. It doesn't automatically
> > happen if O2 has no been run either; very confusing.  The bookmarks list
> > is longer than your 40.

> Are you referring to loading NS, or time taken to fetch pages?

Loading time, it can hourglass for quite a long time under certain
circumstances which I haven't been able to define.  Less so with more recent
versions, I think.

NS is quick at fetching pages, once it has loaded.

> I'm
> wondering if there's a subtle problem with the resolver module somewhere,
> as NS and O2 both rely on it (I presume?).

Certainly true that my ISP has an erratic name server, but NS doesn't look
for any pages while it is loading, AFAIK.

Question is, is it the same issue that Gordon was reporting?  Gordon seems to
get it all the time, I only see this intermittently.


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