[Netsurf-develop] Is there an answer to this?

Gordon F McLaren info at wardlaw.demon.co.uk
Fri Dec 23 17:03:00 GMT 2005

Hi All,

Here's a Christmas puzzle for you, or /Is there an answer to this/?

Our main machine loads Netsurf quite slowly and today I've carried
out a few simple timing tests on five of our RPSs all running NS
build 19.12.2005, although I'm pretty sure the build is nothing to
do with it.

These are the results:-
-memory is free memory before loading NS
-HL is the number of addresses in the hotlist

TopOffice  RO4.39S   41MB  40HL  27secs
Server4    RO4.02    80MB   1HL  04
RPC03      RO4.39S  101MB  10HL  06
RPC04      RO4.39A   37MB   8HL  05
RPC07      RO4.39S   23MB  10HL  05

I've not delved into this any further, but could the size of the
hotlist be directly proportional to the loading time?

Whilst the machine are not exactly the same they are pretty similar
as we try to keep the boot files sympathetic.

Gordon McLaren
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                - Authorised Installer for RISC OS 4
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