[Netsurf-develop] Re: A bit of a bother

Gordon F McLaren info at wardlaw.demon.co.uk
Fri Dec 16 08:32:39 GMT 2005

On Fri 16 Dec, netsurf-develop-request at lists.sourceforge.net wrote:
> Subject: [Netsurf-develop] A bit of bother
> Netsurf (13 Dec 2005 20:45)
> Machine SARPC plus Viewfinder.
> RO Select 4.39
> Can someone please have a butchers at http://www.tv-heaven.co.uk
> Here Netsurf get to the point of loading the last 2 images, then it exits
> with an error message, and obviously a Log file.
> I have posted a note with log file to the bug tracker.

Does the same thing here RO4.39 Select, but no viewfinder!

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