[Netsurf-develop] Recent NetSurf versions (since after 2005-10-30) having fetch errors on one Iyonix

Dave Higton davehigton at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Dec 11 22:02:46 GMT 2005

In message <4DD7325171%andy-l at sparse.net>
          Andy Wingate <andy-l at sparse.net> wrote:

> We have two Iyonix machines here but one of them seems to have trouble
> with versions of NetSurf released after 2005-10-30. It fails to
> resolve the host to contact:
> The other Iyonix, dusty, happily runs later versions of NetSurf and
> there appeared to be no significant difference in modules loaded
> except that panther (above) runs Samba. Killing it does not help nor
> does running it on the dusty cause any problems.
> Any ideas as to what may be causing the problem or any ideas of
> workarounds to try?

Try not running samba server.  It has been known to cause all sorts of
different problems, from minor to major, on some systems, although it
will also run quite on many other systems without any apparent ill
effects.  No-one knows why it does what it does, or why its effects
(or lack of effects) are so variable and unpredictable.


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