[Netsurf-develop] NetSurf hanging on startup

Richard Wilson richard at coalinternational.co.uk
Tue Nov 30 15:58:11 GMT 2004

"Adam" <znwlqdlg at frivolousexplosions.com> wrote:
> That's very nice of you :-) Probably to best way to send me the £85 is via
> PayPal, the address is: adampaypal at snowstone.org.uk

 I picked my ROMs up for about £30 IIRC - I could have given you my OS 3.7
ROMs if it wasn't for the fact my cat tried to eat them the other day and
the pins are now somewhat bent :-s

> In the meantime, I find it hard to believe that the Netsurf developers
> have gone to the effort of supplying a "small" build if they don't think
> it'll work on <RO4. How many 8MB, RISC OS 4 RiscPCs are there out there?

 I can only think of one thing that won't work on OS3.1 (printing support as
there is no support for 32bpp images in the OS, although future versions of
Tinct may address this though if there's any demand - my paypal account
details are on www.tinct.net :-p), and also one thing for pre-OS4 (new
hotlist/global history (when I find more hours in the day and it finally
gets released) won't auto-scroll for dragboxes - unless I've misread the
docs and it's just the nested wimp that's required).
 With respect to your problems, have you checked that you've got all the
relevant modules installed and that they are not corrupt? Something like
Tinct being broken is likely to bring your machine down almost instantly
when called (does opening the hotlist by Adjust clicking on the iconbar
crash NetSurf?)

Richard Wilson, Publications Manager
Tradelink Publications Ltd.

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