[Netsurf-develop] Re: Flash / Flash32

John-Mark Bell jmb202 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Nov 29 22:08:03 GMT 2004

On Mon, 29 Nov 2004, Stefan Bellon wrote:

> John-Mark Bell wrote:
> > That's a carry over from the 26bit version. I've not looked into its 
> > presence.
> You should remove the redirection into the errors file in the !Run
> file. With this enabled, you can only have one Flash instance open and
> all furthers are dying silently without you noticing it when starting
> from within NetSurf (they tell you when you try directly with double
> clicking flash files).

Thanks for that, I thought I'd removed the redirection. This is fixed 
(along with the removal of the redundant Set FlashSound...) in the version 
I've just uploaded. As this is a minor change, I won't bother reannouncing 
it ;)


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