[Netsurf-develop] Re: A suggestion

Stefan Bellon sbellon at sbellon.de
Mon Nov 29 21:08:53 GMT 2004

Jeremy C B Nicoll wrote:

>  In article <5f6a22154d.tim at south-frm.demon.co.uk>,
>    Tim Powys-Lybbe <tim at powys.org> wrote:

> >  In message of 28 Nov, Stuart Halliday <stuart at cybervillage.co.uk>
> >  wrote:
> > > And I've been on this planet long enough to know that people don't
> > > read the manual...  ;-)

> > Most people, agreed.  But just occasionally you get one who takes an
> > interest and then brings the whole game forwards...

> The problem here is that features get added to NetSurf a lot, and the
> doc keeps changing.  Once you've read the supplied stuff completely
> once, you probably won't reread it every time you download a new
> version.  

Come on, this is now the 100th time I repeat that everybody should
update his/her applications with Jan-Jaap van der Geer's excellent
!DirSync. You *immediately* see which document has changed and with a
double-click on that file in DirSync you get the exact difference
presented. It takes you mere seconds to read over the changes and
you're informed about everything that has changed. I don't accept this
excuse anymore.

Stefan Bellon

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