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Sun Nov 28 22:43:07 GMT 2004

In message of 28 Nov, Stuart Halliday <stuart at cybervillage.co.uk> wrote:

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>           Stefan Bellon <sbellon at sbellon.de> wrote:
> > Interesting definition of "hidden" you must have. It's the fourth
> > sentence in the first section "Using NetSurf", not really hidden away
> > from the users capable of reading the User Guide.
> And I've been on this planet long enough to know that people don't read the
> manual...  ;-)

Most people, agreed.  But just occasionally you get one who takes an
interest and then brings the whole game forwards.  They dn't even need
a pay-rise as they enjoy doing the job well.

But if you can't get hold of such a chap, the first people to be trained
learn half of what ther trainer knew, then the second people know half of
that.  Within a short while no-one knows anything and the business can
fall apart.  Sounds like a corollorary to the Peter Principle: all
people become incompetent though promotion beyond their capacity.  Now
we have all people are incompetent as they only learn half what their
trainer knew.

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