[Netsurf-develop] Current library versions

James Bursa james at semichrome.net
Mon Dec 20 18:54:16 GMT 2004

In message <opsjbjr6y7xfoa86 at post.demon.co.uk>
          Dom <dominic at brahms.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> I've just started having a go at cross-compiling on Linux.
> I managed to get it to compile but the resulting code is a bit
> unstable. On my first compile I managed to get it to draw Netsurf
> on the intro page then crash and sometimes to load part of the
> google page before a reset was needed.
> A make clean; make; later and now it just says nsfont_paint: (u)
> font_paint failed.
> I'm guessing the libraries I've hacked together and linked against
> are the wrong versions (I had to make a couple of changes to function
> prototypes to get it to compile, changing int back to size_t somewhere
> so am guessing I must be on a different version).
> Please could someone point me at the reference version of libraries to
> use as I can't find these listed anywhere on the site, and perhaps
> where to obtain these if this is difficult to find, for instance
> where is the official home of libcares?

You can get pre-compiled versions of almost all the libraries required at


What version of gccsdk are you using? 3.4.4 pre 4 or cvs HEAD work well for

If you haven't already, read


for useful information, and let us know if you need help getting it to work.


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