[Netsurf-develop] Form bug

Andy Wingate andy-l at sparse.net
Sat Dec 18 17:22:44 GMT 2004

In message <b0794d1f4d.stuart at Cybervillage.co.uk>
          Stuart Halliday <stuart at cybervillage.co.uk> wrote:

> Or you can just try http://www.quantumsoft.co.uk/test.html

Looks fine. <URL:http://www.sparse.net/test.jpeg>.
And not like:
> http://www.quantumsoft.co.uk/testpic.jpg
> is what I see with Test Build (09 Dec 2004 22:30)

Using the current version, and the test build you quote (Iyonix and
Select 3i4).
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Oh dear, you seem to have gotten yourself killed.

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