[Netsurf-develop] CSS resources available

Brian Jordan brian.jordan9 at btinternet.com
Sun Dec 5 20:21:38 GMT 2004

In article <9c0bb4174d.Chris at chris.terranova.ntlworld.com>,
   Chris Terran <css at roast.iconbar.com> wrote:


> As a start, I've put together a StrongHelp manual for CSS Level 1.
> You can find it at:

>    http://www.roast.iconbar.com/css/

> ...along with a couple of other goodies. There are some filetype
> sprites for CSS files, a StrongED editing mode for same, and a CSS
> demonstration page. I suggest you look at the latter in Netsurf
> first ... then try O2 ;-(

> The manual isn't just a reference -- it also includes a quick-start
> course in CSS1, explanations of the concepts behind it, how to use
> CSS in your web pages, and a brief overview of RISC OS browser
> support.

> All feedback welcome ... I'm sure it can be improved!

Excellent - thanks for the time and effort you have clearly put into
this. No excuses here for not using CSS any more.


Brian Jordan

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