[Netsurf-develop] Display->Images->Animations not stopping animations

Richard Wilson info at tinct.net
Sat Dec 4 23:52:54 GMT 2004

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From: "Andy Wingate" <andy-l at sparse.net>
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Subject: [Netsurf-develop] Display->Images->Animations not stopping

> Does unticking Display->Images->Animations stop animations as it seems
> to still allow annoying GIF animations to carry on here.
> For a moment I wondered if it was was to do with having 'Buffer
> animations' set but unticking that too did not help. So I reenabled
> that to go back to unflickery textareas.

There is currently no way (see below) to stop animations as it used to be a
window-specific option, but since all the image code moved from riscos/ to
image/ this is not possible and the option cannot work as it did. I have a
modified version here that respects this option on a global level (and for
MNGs too), but I am currently unable to check it in as it would cause
problems due to other changes I'm still completing elsewhere. Assuming
things go fairly well, this should all start appearing later in the week.

> I have animate_images:0 in NetSurf's choices. Would minimum_gif_delay
> help hide the animations?

The minimum_gif_delay states the smallest possible time in centiseconds that
a frame can request a transition after. As such, setting it to a very high
value will effectively stop animations for you. The default is (IIRC) 10cs.


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