[Netsurf-develop] Redraw Issue and Images

Andrew Duffell ad123 at myrealbox.com
Thu Sep 11 21:38:36 BST 2003


NetSurf is starting to look good now :)  But... I have found two issues that
are rather irritating:

1) I made a window full screen (1024x768) and went to http://www.riscos.com/
I then went to http://mysober.co.uk/ and it displayed the page, but also
displayed the bottom of http://www.riscos.com/ below.  I can provide a screen
shot if necessery, but I think the error is repeatable.

2) If someone has put the wrong content type header on an image such as
text/plain then it fills the page with a load of gibberish where the image
should be.  Should it not either display a broken image or guess the image
example is http://riscos.datawave.nl/


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