[Netsurf-develop] File downloads

fa044826 fa044826 at skynet.be
Mon Nov 17 19:36:31 GMT 2003


I was wondering if the file download mechanism could not reverse its actions,
i.e. force the user to drag the file icon before fetching its contents
(as Browse does) instead of after fetching its contents.

Doing it that way allows you to save the received data chunks directly
into the destination file without having to store first the downloaded file
entirely into memory or into the browser's file cache. This should be
usefull for those downloading large files like movie trailers.

I was also wondering if filetype mapping could be attempted from filename
extension instead with a fallback on the Content-Type header when no match
is found.

On that subject I should point out something I discovered after having
received the task to finish the development of a web application for
the consultation and shopping of electrical standards.

Once you have paid for a norm it propose a button for downloading it
from the site. This doesn't point to a fixed file as the standard is
composed of one or more documents stored in database BLOBs. The code
activated by the download button reads the filename associated to the 
document when the standard is composed of only one documents and builds
a filename with a .zip extension otherwise. It then puts the filename
in a Content-Disposition http header (can't remember the RFC which deals
with it) to suggest to the browser (both IE and Nescape seem to support it)
the filename under which to save the file.


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