[Netsurf-develop] Problems with Netsurf

Hedley Hunnisett hedleyh at arcade.demon.co.uk
Thu Nov 13 23:12:03 GMT 2003

On 12 Nov 2003 John M Bell wrote:
 > 1) try accessing a site by IP address only (ie type
 > in the URL bar
As I have already reported, this worked, and Netsurf sprang into life!
Tonight I tried accessing eBay and it worked!  :-)
However, eBay objected to the fact that cookies were not enabled, and I 
could not get very far.
Can Netsurf accept cookies, or is this something for the future?
Hedley Hunnisett of Wigston Magna, Leicestershire.
Using British RISC technology with StrongARM power!

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