[Netsurf-develop] 64k meant 64megs!

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>> >imho most 26bit machines have much more as 4 megs nowadays : 64k here!
>> That's an interesting definition of 'much more'.
>Sorry, meant 64megs
>so, if i understood right, SA=32bit, even running ro4.x?

In a sense yes.

The sense being that the ARM 6 and later have 32-bit modes and new
instructions becuase of this. The ARM 6 thru SA also had the old 26-bit
modes and could be run in either the old 26-bit mode or the newer
32-bit one. RISC OS <=4 runs in 26-bit modes, but can make use of the
new instructions. Hence we know have the new definitions:

26-bit only: RISC OS <=4 and ARM <=SA (these go hand in hand)
32-bit only: RISC OS 3.5-4 and ARM 6-SA (ARM 6's won't run RISC OS 3.1,
but that's OK as ARM2-3 don't have the new instructions).

Does that make sense ;-) ?


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