[Netsurf-develop] Compiling

Rob Jackson jacko at xms.ms
Sun Jul 20 21:11:56 BST 2003


I've checked out the source, and added bits of code towards saving and
importing (drag n drop stuff).

BUT.... for some reason I can't compile the code. I haven't used GCC for
about 4 months now, so it may be something stupid that I'm doing. I also
can't use the makefile, but that may just be me, as I've never used makefiles

The commands for manual compiling I'm using, e.g. for riscos/gui.c

*gcc -c -mthrowback netsurf/riscos/gui.c -IOSLib:

the compiler cannot find netsurf/desktop/gui.h and all the other included
header files, despite the fact that they are clearly there. I'm probably
doing something really stupidly simple, but I'd appreciate a fresh view on

When using make, on the command:

*make -f netsurf/makefile

I get the error : 
netsurf/makefile:93: depend: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `cache.c', needed by `depend'.  Stop.

but, as I said, I've never used makefiles before. I could've posted to
c.s.a.programmer, but I reckoned that the questions would be more relevant
here, so thanks for any input.

1 last question; where can I find the stdbool.h header file?

I'm currently working on importing dragged URL (&b28) files onto iconbar icon
and into windows. I'm also looking at saving of source and data.



Rob Jackson

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