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Stuart Halliday stuart at cybervillage.co.uk
Tue Jul 1 19:31:55 BST 2003

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> > > How?? is it something with .htaccess?
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> I was hoping you would tell me what :)

Well you could have just looked up the htaccess Apache module docs on their
web site?

This file allows a lot of cool tweaking to your web site.
But for your example, you just need to create a .htaccess file with the
following content:

AddType application/zip		.arc .spk .spr .zip .bas .abs
AddType image/png		.png

That's it.
The 1st line will ensure all zip, arc or spark files as used for RISC OS
machines will return the correct type too. Obviously its optional to your
needs. But handy to know.

Remember to put it in the directory where your png files are stored.

Also see this:


using .htaccess you can for example:

Password protect areas of your site.
Redirect ppl from a changed link to your new link.
Use your own graphic icons when listing files.
Set caching limits so ppl always see the latest page.
Set up your own look 404 page 'not found' error messages.

Have fun.

BTW, if it doesn't work then your webmaster has disabled .htaccess in your
area of the Server. You'll need to speak to that person then.
But as you can see its not a huge task to add types.

Stuart Halliday
Webmaster of the Acorn Cybervillage

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