[Netsurf-develop] Mouse gestures

Andrew Duffell andrew at banners.iconbar.com
Sun Jan 12 09:48:50 GMT 2003

In message <E18XVN1-000DE5-00 at buckaroo.freeuk.net> you wrote:
> Are there any features/gimmicks from browsers that people would like to 
> see in NetSurf?
>Full screen mode?
Yes, like browse does.  It also needs to stay full screen when you change
betwween resoulutions.
> Tabbed browsing?
Possibly, although I tend to just use multiple windows.

* Also the option to block images from Adservers such as linkexchange where
the image is replaced by a blank space and the link is removed woulds be

* Save as Drawfile

* Find text

That is all I can think of for now.

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