[Netsurf-develop] Mouse gestures

Stefaan Claes sclaes at aaug.net
Sun Jan 12 02:25:55 GMT 2003

On 12 Jan, Mr Phil Mellor <mellor123 at freeuk.com> wrote:
[snip mouse gestures incompatible with MouseAxess]

> I guess it can be made optional once an Options dialogue is implemented.
> ..

Good idea.

> I'm not generally an advocate of these sorts of things - if a UI 
> feature isn't made part of the OS's GUI as a matter of course then I 
> don't think applications should implement it individually.

> That said, I'm addicted to mouse gestures in Opera and really miss them 
> when using a different browser.

I find it very frustrating when I have to work without MouseAxess  ;-)

> Are there any features/gimmicks from browsers that people would like to 
> see in NetSurf? Full screen mode?  Tabbed browsing?

Yes. I would like to be able to change fonts quickly. Not because I like to
switch fonts, but because sometimes different encodings are being used.
E.g. some Russian sites use koi8-r (the defacto standard) while others
use code page 1251 (windows). Trying to read a webpage with a font in a
wrong encoding, is a bit difficult. :-/

I guess Unicode would be a much better solution... but until everyone
uses Unicode, I would like to be able to select another font (different
encoding) with a few mouseclicks.

Stefaan Claes, Hove, Antwerpen, Belgium, Europe, <sclaes at aaug.net>

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