[Netsurf-develop] Mouse gestures

Mr Phil Mellor mellor123 at freeuk.com
Sat Jan 11 23:48:55 GMT 2003

> There is a problem: it's incompatible with MouseAxess...
> Anyway: I don't think I would ever use those 'gestures'. I find the 
> to move (the contents of) a window without having access to the title 
> (or the sliders) much more useful.

I guess it can be made optional once an Options dialogue is implemented.

I'm not generally an advocate of these sorts of things - if a UI 
feature isn't made part of the OS's GUI as a matter of course then I 
don't think applications should implement it individually.

That said, I'm addicted to mouse gestures in Opera and really miss them 
when using a different browser.

Are there any features/gimmicks from browsers that people would like to 
see in NetSurf? Full screen mode?  Tabbed browsing?


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