[Netsurf-develop] JPEG Images

Stefaan Claes sclaes at aaug.net
Wed Feb 26 22:18:29 GMT 2003

On 25 Feb, Andrew Duffell <andrew at banners.iconbar.com> wrote:
> When I try to load that image that is linked to from NetSurf, NetSurf just
> quits itself.

The image loads, but there is no automatic redraw. (i.e. the image appears
only after forcing a complete redraw: F12 and return)
If I click menu, Netsurf disappears (this doesn't happen every time).

> I have sent James Bursa the stderr file in a seperate mailing :)

You probably wanted to send it to James Bursa, but you sent it (also)
to the mailing list. BTW: why did you not compress the stderr file?

> Andrew


Stefaan Claes, Hove, Antwerpen, Belgium, Europe, <sclaes at aaug.net>

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