[Netsurf-develop] How do you get Netsurf working?

James Bursa bursa at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Feb 25 09:50:42 GMT 2003

On Monday 24 February 2003 19:43, Stuart Halliday wrote:
> I can't fetch http://www.riscos.com/ with this version.
> It just seems to hang with the desktop frozen until I do a ALT-BREAK.
> http://www.cnn.com/ just gives this:
> 1cd3c9
> class="cnnMainPage">

Are you able to view any pages successfully, for example 
http://www.google.com/ ?

> stderr file is outputting quite a bit.

Please email me this file when you come across sites which don't fetch. At 
the moment don't bother with layout / rendering problems.

> I am right in thinking that we don't need to download any other files other
> than 20030224_1745/zip to make it work?

Yes, that should be all, unless you're missing the Shared Unixlib module:

> BTW, I see in the !Run file there is a line:
> RMEnsure UtilityModule 3.70 RMensure CallASWI 0.00 RMload <NetSurf$Dir>.
> CallASWI
> But there is _no_ CallASWI program in !NetSurf. :-)

We should change this to look in System.


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