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Stuart Halliday stuart at cybervillage.co.uk
Sun Dec 28 20:02:02 GMT 2003

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> On Sun, 28 Dec 2003, James Bursa wrote:
> > There is now initial cookie support in NetSurf.
> > 
> > Cookies are accepted and sent for pages. Cookies are not accepted or
sent for 
> > images or other objects within a page. This is a simple heuristic for 
> > improving the user's privacy, since image cookies tend to be used by 
> > advertisers to track users. Would people like more control than this
> > accepting cookies (eg. prompted for each)?
> > 
> > Received cookies are stored in Choices.WWW.NetSurf.Cookies. Currently 
> > expiration is not implemented.
> Some expiration should now be implemented. 
> Also, there should be some support for the ANT URL protocol. 
> If anyone can point me in the general direction of a program which  
> generates the indirected form of the message (ie passes the message data 
> in RMA) I'd be most grateful.

DEF PROCSendMessage(s$)
  SYS "Wimp_SendMessage",18,a%,0,0

is used to send a URL to the Fresco browser.

s$ contains the URL.

Stuart Halliday
Webmaster of the Acorn Cybervillage

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