[Netsurf-develop] <base> tag ignored?

Stuart Halliday stuart at cybervillage.co.uk
Fri Dec 26 12:54:49 GMT 2003

In message <200312260117.51504 at zamez.strcprstskrzkrk.co.uk>
          James Bursa <bursa at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> On Saturday 13 December 2003 10:58, fa044826 wrote:
> > Netsurf currently seems not to take into account the base url
> > set with the <base> tag. Not implemented yet?
> <base href="..."> is now implemented. Please test and report problems.
> I'm not sure if there's any point in implementing <base target="_blank">. 
> Right-click on a link opens it in a new window anyway, so making left-

I see.

Well did you know that the Acorn Cybervillage web site uses

<BASE target="_blank">

by default. :-)

> open a new window too would remove the choice of the same or new window
> the user.

This allows me to decide to open a new window with the news item in it. 

Give the web designer some say in the matter please. ;-)
Stuart Halliday
Webmaster of the Acorn Cybervillage

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