[Netsurf-develop] Writable icons

John Duffell jwd104 at york.ac.uk
Wed Dec 24 13:38:15 GMT 2003

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          John-Mark Bell <jmb202 at ecs.soton.ac.uk> wrote:

> On Wed, 24 Dec 2003, John Duffell wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Netsurf looks pretty good, I'd probably use it most of the time if the
> > text was bigger and you could use cookies :)
> Font size may be user-configurable. Have a look at the bottom of 
> !NetSurf.Resources.CSS and play with the css.

So I hear, but I'm not a CSS expert ;)  However, that's not exactly a source
of major work so I'm not going to make a big song and dance :)

> > I was wondering how about using real writable icons so we can use
> > ctrl-u/cut and paste with the facilities built into RO?  Admittedly that
> > may cause problems with colouring the border and text a different colour,
> > and different border widths, but maybe it could use the normal icon
> > unless it needed different borders.
> Initially, we did use RO writable icons, but they aren't really flexible 
> enough (as you've acknowledged above). The likelihood is that, once the 
> CSS border properties are implemented, writable icons will look RO-like, 
> but be rendered via CSS. Obviously, this would require us to implement 
> clipboard support, but I see this as a minor issue in comparison with the 
> amount of flexibility we would gain by not using the inbuilt icons. 

Yeah.  The thing I worry about is that with it not being a real writable
there'll be odd strange things about its behaviour and also if something else
gets added to them it will not work with netsurf.  However, perhaps the
netsurf cut-and-paste will work as the user expects rather than RO's non RISC
OSy way!  Depending on how much it makes the code look a mess, it'd be worth
considering using standard icons unless the page specifies something else. 
Or have an option, or something.  I'll probably drop my objections when I try
the later version with all the keypresses etc in.


Oh, and it seems to gradually eat more memory and after a while the
"Processing" stage gets slower, but thet's undoubtedly already been noted :)

> > As I say, it's mainly ok, I won't bother saying too much at this stage
> > since it's in heavy development anyway.
> More contributors are always welcome ;)

I'd love to, but I'll get back to you on that around easter!  I have been
interested for a while, but there's no point in fluffing up the developer
list when I certainly won't be able to do anything until easter.  If I get
the code downloaded and read I'll be thinking of joining.  Hve you considered
supplying a source zip as well as a compiled code zip?  As far as I can see,
one has to use the CVS system or something in sourceforge which is hard to
use.  Of course it won't particularly be useful to many people so don't
bother if it's hard to set up.  It wouldn't have to be anything buildable.

> Thanks for your comments, 

No problem, thanks for your time,
John Duffell

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