[Netsurf-develop] Writable icons

John Duffell jwd104 at york.ac.uk
Wed Dec 24 00:01:32 GMT 2003


Netsurf looks pretty good, I'd probably use it most of the time if the text
was bigger and you could use cookies :)

I was wondering how about using real writable icons so we can use ctrl-u/cut
and paste with the facilities built into RO?  Admittedly that may cause
problems with colouring the border and text a different colour, and different
border widths, but maybe it could use the normal icon unless it needed
different borders.

The history thing seems great, but I'd agree that it eeds to be made more
RISC OSy, probably the most appropriate would be Select/Adjust for
back/forwards and maybe Menu would make something transient to appear.  It
wouldn't be possible to do what's needed with a RO menu, so perhaps something
(looking like) a simple web page would be intuitive.  The scroll bars system
is "odd" but as a prototype it's good, fine.

As I say, it's mainly ok, I won't bother saying too much at this stage since
it's in heavy development anyway.

Thanks for your time,
John Duffell

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