[Netsurf-develop] Test build 19th December

Alex Macfarlane Smith nospam at archifishal.co.uk
Sat Dec 20 20:39:04 GMT 2003

In message <200312201809.51064 at zamez.strcprstskrzkrk.co.uk>
          James Bursa <bursa at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> > Also (and this has been in the last couple of versions) when I click
> > the back button on the browser, it doesn't actually go back, it simply
> > pops up a window with links to the previously visited pages.
> > Is this supposed to happen?
> This is the experimental history tree. It's an idea I had for improving the 
> conventional back / forward that browsers have. The idea is that you can 
> quickly get to any page which you've visited in the current window.
> What do people think of this? How could it be improved? Would it be better as 
> an always open pane, so you could go to any page with one click?
> We will certainly add the conventional back / forward behaviour as keyboard 
> shortcuts.
> James
Maybe you could make it so that if you click the left button it would be
the conventional back/forward behaviour, but if you click the menu or right
button or something, you get the pane allowing you to choose any visited

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