[Netsurf-develop] Test build 19th December

The Doctor thedoctor at thedeathzone.free-online.co.uk
Sat Dec 20 16:14:23 GMT 2003


Thanks for the continuing work on Netsurf people.
With this latest version the window is of a sensible size and starts
off in the center of the screen. Good!

Also, when clicking the 'toggle size' button the window only expands
horizontally as large as it needs to to display the page. Also good

However (there has to be one of those ;-), it also covers the iconbar
as well which it shouldn't do since I have the 'Cover Iconbar on full
size toggle' option 'unticked' in the RISC OS configuration.

Also (and this has been in the last couple of versions) when I click
the back button on the browser, it doesn't actually go back, it simply
pops up a window with links to the previously visited pages.
Is this supposed to happen?


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