[Netsurf-develop] Themes and resizable windows

Michael Drake mike at smoothartist.com
Sun Oct 13 10:30:27 BST 2002

In article <41faa5844b.Leo at leo.fam.smiers.name>,
   Leo Smiers <leo at fam.smiers.name> wrote:
> > I've uploaded a new version of NetSurf to:
> > 
> >      http://home.freeuk.com/mellor123/021013.spk

> This version crashes on RISC OS 4.29, see the stderr file. I have used
> the changed encodings file because of the previous crash I had with
> RISC OS 4.29

Yep, It also crashes on my RISC OS 4.29 and produces the same stderr file.


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