[Netsurf-develop] RISC OS test binary

James Bursa bursa at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Jun 24 20:50:59 BST 2002

In message <c6bfba4b4b.philip at philipnet.com>
          Philip Ludlam <philip at philipnet.com> wrote:

> However I get the (snipped) output from it with the index page from:
> http://www.philipnet.com

> Layout document...
> layout.c:472: failed assertion `c->type == BOX_TABLE_CELL'

This is because of the text directly in a <tr> with no <td> on line 16.
I'll have to make it put in the implied table cell.

> There were several other "htmlParseEntityRef: expecting ';'" errors
> relating to the webring URLs. I'm not sure why it's reporting them
> though.

It should be &amp; instead of & - the parser thinks that & is the start of
an entity.


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