[Netsurf-develop] NetSurf 2002-06-23 Test Results

Andrew Duffell riscos at myrealbox.com
Mon Jun 24 11:17:41 BST 2002

The testing ran perfectly with "test1" as the HTML file and no errors were
found.  I then went on to test on other HTML documents.

riscos.org index page got to the end of the file, but the following errors
were given.

Parsing html... riscosorg:9: error: Tag nobr invalid ="RISC OS"
width=258 height=85 hspace=0></td><td valign="bottom" width=440><nob
riscosorg:17: error: Tag nobr invalid
</script></strong></font></td><td valign="top" width=440><nobr><img src="i/-top
riscosorg:23: error: htmlParseEntityRef: expecting ';'
t><img height=1 width=1 alt="" src="http://t0.extreme-dm.com/0.gif?tag=riscorg&
riscosorg:40: error: Unexpected end tag : font
riscosorg:82: error: Tag nobr invalid
 verdana, helvetica, arial"><strong>How many people have you introduced to <nob
riscosorg:87: error: Tag nobr invalid

These may just be due to bugs in their HTML, but I thought I better mention
it.  Test with other documents have gone fine, and I will post again if I
find any more problems.

Andrew Duffell

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