[Netsurf-develop] Hello there.

James Bursa bursa at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Jul 28 13:45:36 BST 2002

In message <fe1fce5c4b%phil at mellor123.freeuk.com>
          Phil Mellor <phil at mellor123.freeuk.com> wrote:

> I don't have that much time -- I've got a programming job during 
> the day, and it would be a bit much writing Netsurf all evening as 
> well, but I think I could still manage to do something towards the 
> project.

I've also got a programming summer job now, but I should have more time in
a few weeks.

> I can program in C++, C, C--, Java, BASIC, inefficient Assembler...
> and I've got the Acorn C and Easy C packages running on an A5000.  It's
> not the best setup, but I'm waiting for the Omega.

All the code I've done so far is in C. I guess non speed critical parts
could be written in something else, but it might be difficult to integrate

Some of the things that need doing:

- HTTP implementation (libcurl ?)
- image renderers / converters
- RISC OS wimp interface
- font handling (unicode ?)

Maybe we should make a quick plan of how things should work?


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