[Netsurf-develop] Hello there.

James Bursa bursa at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jul 26 21:03:58 BST 2002

In message <5976cf5b4b%phil at mellor123.freeuk.com>
          Phil Mellor <phil at mellor123.freeuk.com> wrote:

> In the mean time, what's been going on?  Forgive me if I've missed some
> obvious sources of information, but my internet access is spent with an
> eye on the clock, so I've only had chance for a brief look.

Not much has been going on. I guess people have lost interest or don't have
enough time.

> Is there a particular roadmap for development -- I've had a 
> look at the bit of code that exists, which looks interesting.
> Is the plan to write something entirely from scratch?

Yes, but I think we should use code that's available if possible, for
example my code uses libxml.

> Anyway, that's my introduction to myself.  Let me know
> what I should do next!

Can you program? Do you know C? You need a machine which can run a C
compiler. I use my Linux machine, because it's much faster compiling.

If you set up a SourceForge account James Shaw can add you to the


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